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Sequencing technologies are frequently used in academic research, but also found their way into biomedical research and industry. No matter if you aim to finish a study for publication or need a high throughput method developed, we have long standing experience in building and testing bioinformatics solutions for a variety of possible applications.
Multi-omics integration

We are experienced in integrating multiple datasets derived from genomic, transcriptomic and epigenomic approaches to study biological processes in a concerted manner.


We extract biologically relevant information from your data set(s) which cannot be seen on the first glimpse. Explore hidden patterns, correlations or networks.

Database technologies

Databases are a vital part of life science research. We help you utilizing them to extract insights from large amounts of data such as RNA-seq and genomic data.

Pipeline development

We offer development of customized bioinformatic pipelines which meet your specific needs.

Process automation

We build fully automated bioinformatic workflows which can be used by teams of any background.

Workflow development

We are experienced in prototyping and testing of bioinformatic workflows and their implementation into current pipelines.

Research & development

Utilise the full power of bioinformatics to drive your research and development with our tailored analysis solutions.