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If you want to learn how sequencing works, what applications it can be used for or you want to perform your own basic bioinformatic analyses, Omiqa offers lectures and workshops covering different topics from the sequencing and bioinformatics world.
Custom trainings upon request

From basic to advanced training, we cover the topics of various programming languages, bioinformatics in general, automation and data handling.

Workflow management systems

For advanced users, we offer courses on how to efficiently automate and scale applications using Nextflow.

RNA-Seq analysis for beginners

RNA-Sequencing data analysis is becoming more important every year. We teach how to perform a complete analysis, no prior knowledge needed.

Data visualisation with Python

Python and R are powerful tools for data visualisation and exploration. We introduce you to basic and advanced concepts to help let your data shine.

Custom lectures upon request

Anything related to sequencing approaches can be requested. We tailor an informative lecture for your teams.

Sequencing Applications

Explore the power of sequencing technolgies for life sciences, medicine and biotechnolgy.

Introduction to Third Generation Sequencing

History, Technology and Applications of Third-Generation Sequencing approaches.

Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing

History, Technology and Applications of Next-Generation Sequencing approaches.